7 Piece Knife Set

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Wolf Gourmet cutlery merges the precision of Japanse style blades with the durability of german forging to inspire confidence in the kitchen.

Prep work is often considered a mundane chore. Slicing, dicing, and chopping – you know the drill. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just developing your skills, the right knife can make a world of difference. With a precision knife, you feel in absolute control, ready to take on any culinary challenge. Created by industry professionals, people who live, work, and dream cutlery, Wolf Gourmet knives meet exacting standards developed by professional chefs. Dicing onions, julienning carrots, mincing garlic, hulling strawberries, slicing fresh baked bread, cutting a slice of delicate lemon chiffon cake - no matter the task, our cutlery is at the ready. Purchase as a set or create your own collection with individual pieces.

•20cm Chef’s Knife
•7cm Paring Knife
•16cm Santoku Knife
•26cm Serrated Bread Knife
•Cutlery Storage Block with Recipe Tablet/Book Rest
•25cm Honing Steel

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Dimensions 327 × 159 × 362 mm